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Caption Competition

Welcome to the very first pawpages competition - it’s FREE and open to all our website visitors!

Can you come up with a caption to go with the picture below of our dogs, Barney and Jasper?
What do you think they could be thinking, or even saying to each other?

The pawpages team will judge the first 50 entries and the winner will receive a great prize...

Competition Prize

We are giving away a fantastic bundle of goodies, which we are very grateful to have been supplied by Johnny Muttley! Some of the contents include:

  • Dog Flask (travel unit - water and food bowls screw together, making a watertight container!)
  • Blanket
  • Feeding mat
  • Dog flannel
  • Heart poo bags
  • Stain remover wipes
  • Dog toys
  • Dog biscuit
  • .....and even more!











So get your thinking hats on, and maybe ask your four legged friends for inspiration!

Jasper and Barney

Thanks to everyone for all your caption ideas! We are now in the process of choosing a winner.

The competition is now closed.

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