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Johnny Muttley

So who is the mysterious and yet fabulous Johnny Muttley? We sell rather wonderful gifts for dog lovers, and we don’t mind showing off about it!  If you are looking for a present for an awkward aunt or unsure uncle, maybe our vintage postcard dog pictures could help? Who wouldn’t swoon at a grumpy bulldog or a barrowful of puppies?

You can dazzle friends with anything from gourmet dog treats to fine quality china mugs from the brilliant artist Anna Danielle.  In fact, if you are a fan of hers, have a look at the matching bowls, mugs and coasters.


Our inspiration for the site comes from our love of dogs, and particularly dogs of ours who have gone to doggy heaven after years of daftness and devotion.  Woody and Homer were cairns of the highest terriorist calibre and Johnny Muttley was one of their nicknames.  The current cairn thinks he is called “Don’t do that!”  Actually, he is Gizmo the magnificent who brings sunshine into our lives, and a lot of mud.  He is also the star of a box office smash hit which you can catch on YouTube.  “How Sheriff Muttley won his Star” is rated suitable for pups.



So at Johnny Muttley you will find not only our super shop, but also stories of inspirational dogs, a blog (which currently is designed to make you itch to within an inch of your lives) and quotes about dogs which will make you say, “Too true, too true”.  For instance, here’s one attributed to Pam Brown, “A dog can talk you into most things quietly.”  See?  Too true.

We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to support Paws Pages in their new venture by providing a prize bundle, and we wish them huge success.  Johnny Muttley and all her crew send out three resounding cheers, and a final quote;

“Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant” Anon.

www.johnnymuttley.com  Be there and be happy!

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